Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Actual poker content!

I went to the casino Sunday for a little slot machine fun. My parents play the slots enough to get some pretty good deals from the casino including monthly free play money. This weekend was my mother's last shot to play off her money and since my Dad was working, I took his players card with me and had $80 free to play slots! Time to win big!

I loaded up in the car with my mother and set off to do what every functional family should be doing...gambling. Now my mother is your typical lady that is mesmerized by slots. You put her in a room full of video slot machines and she loses all sense of time. Her idea of a successful day of playing slots is not necessarily winning big or even winning at all. She's had a good day if her allotted gambling money lasts a long time.... and believe me, she's like a fucking Iron Man when it comes to playing those fool machines.

So about an hour into our casino adventure, and I've spent $70 of the $80 free play and the only thing I have to show for it is a $10 winning slip in my pocket. It's exhausting to me just playing those silly machines. They make my head hurt with their stupid sound and stupid ways of taking all my money. So I give up and hand my mother my Dad's players card with the remaining $10 and told her "If you need me, I'll be sitting at a poker table back there". And off I went. $200 to the cashier. "$160 in red, $40 in white please" (my lucky starting chip distribution).

I'm 5th on the waiting list, but it doesn't take but 10-15 minutes for enough people to start a new table. And it was a good one. I'm not one to remember the details of every hand, even the important ones. All I know is that I started out with a bang which gave me a pretty reckless image that got me paid off time and time again.

I call a small raise in position and it's heads up between me and another guy directly on my right. The flop comes K,T,8 or something like that. The other guy checks and I fire out $25 hoping to take the pot uncontested. Instead he insta-check raises all-in, but it was only $11 more to call (I totally wasn't paying attention to his stack size), so I donated $11 to the pot knowing I was crushed. My opponent turned over his Aces and I sheepishly hide my pocket 7's.... until the 7 hit the turn. "Nice call dickhead" my opponent gasped as he exited stage right.

From that point for the next 90 minutes or so, I folded... garbage garbage garbage. I woke up with A5s in the SB once and you would have thought I had 2 jokers. I called a small raise with the suited ace in a multiway pot. The flop 3,4,7 with 2 spades. Double gutter and a nut flush draw, I'm gambling here after 90 minutes of folding. I check and then it the guy to my left bets something like $30 and 19 other people flat call. I shoved and NOBODY called! I had huge equity in the pot and it wouldn't have hurt my feelings if 1 or 90 people called my shove. But I was happy to take it uncontested...well because I never get there.

I busted another guy when he couldn't lay down JJ on a dry King high board facing my big check-raise. I won another huge pot when I turned a nut straight in a community pot. There was a lot of c-bets that won me some uncontested pots as well. I got in a zone for a while and the poker during those couple hours was more of a blur than anything.

I had a fun, lively table (other than the douche that cussed me for sucking out). Everyone was willing to gamble. One guy went through like 5 buyins in a couple hours. When he finally ran out of money, I racked up my chips, cashed in my loot, bought an overpriced/overcooked Kobe Beef Burger and left the casino a happy man. So happy, I kinda got that poker itch again. Me thinks another road trip is on the agenda for tomorrow. I'm going to rage solo and hopefully keep building me a live poker bankroll to toy around with.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I just came back from a short vacation in Surf City, NC. My brother is a charter fishing captain and took us out to try to catch some red drums. The fishing sucked ass, but I had a blast just being out on the water. It was the start of tourist season and the first time I've been there during that time. I saw several hot hippie chicks that will be in the spank bank for a good while.

I also went on a little fishing/scouting expedition yesterday. We 2 awesome rivers in this area that I don't fish enough. We have the New River and Greenbrier River within 30 minutes and both are just full of fish. I don't have a boat suitable for river fishing (yet), so my options are wading and bank fishing at the moment. I love to wade fish. It's my favorite method of fishing. The New River is a bit too dangerous for me to wade in most places. I do have 1 decent spot near the dam, but it gets fished rather heavily. The Greenbrier, on the other hand, is easily waded in most spots. The problem is just finding a spot to be able to park your vehicle and get into the water. My little scouting expedition yesterday help me find a few of those spots. So the missile sirens are wailing for the Smallmouth bass population in West Virginia. I'm about to wage war on some fish.

In other news, I still don't have a job. I have been looking, but there's not a lot to be had around here. I'm about to the point of having to consider relocating, which I really don't want to do. However, before I do that, I'm going to try out giving 110% of working on my own. I have enough people hounding me every day for help with their computers, I might as well try to monetize it. I don't expect to make a killing, but if I keep my costs down and actually give it my all, I feel I can get by. It will be much more rewarding too. I plan on blogging my experience as well if I'm not too overwhelmed with work. I will probably start a new blog for that though.

Peace out homies

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Nothing but a bunch of crickets chirping in the corner of the internet lately. It's hard to keep an interesting blog when you lead an uninteresting life. To solidify that statement, I'm already in bed at 8:47 p.m. on a Thursday night. I'm bored to tears and evidently there isn't much I can do about it right now. Someone needs a new hobby!?

So I think to myself "Self, what do you enjoy doing that's cheap and would make a good hobby?". The only thing that came to mind was writing. Even though I'm not as graceful with a pen or keyboard like some people, I still enjoy writing.

I'm not sure which direction I want to take this blog. I do know I don't want it to stay stagnant. I'm working on a few things in life that are kind of fun. So I figure I'll just blog about my adventures in trying to better myself.

I'm still working on losing weight. That has come to a standstill lately as I have quit dipping snuff (another aspect of my self improvement). Tonight will be my 9th consecutive night nicotine free! GO ME! One problem though... I could eat everything in this house and go out and buy some more. Jesus Christ, I can't get full. I'm scared to look at how much weight I've gained over the 9 days I've gone nicotine free. I'm sure it's a scale trainwreck waiting to happen...and it' going to happen. But it's no big deal. Hopefully these nicotine urges I get from time to time that I replace with food will go away in time. Also, I exercised today, so that helps!

Also in the self-improvement category, I'm starting up a new business. What little money I was making playing poker went completely bye bye on April 15th, so I needed to do something to earn some scratch without having to whore myself out on the street corners. I whipped up a new business license, contacted some vendors, and now I'm just a few days away from launching a pretty sexy retail website. I don't expect to make much money from the business, but I do plan on MAKING SOME MONEY. I'm starting from zilch too! A couple drop shipped items sold on ebay funded the website. Now I'm working on the capital to have a beginning inventory. My goal here is to learn the online entrepreneurial game and establish some confidence in playing that game.

I won't bore you any further. Expect more frequent updates...hopefully more entertaining than this garbage.