Friday, March 2, 2012

Is it baseball season yet?

Maybe it's because I watch Sportscenter approximately 8 times a day, but I am so sick of basketball right now. The NASCAR season is here... And I'm over it. I try to enjoy hockey and I do, but coverage of hockey games is so crappy on this area, it's tough to follow hockey closely. Add in the fact that Sidney Crosby is in no hurry to make his way back on to the ice. I'm pretty much a hockey fan without a team!

Now baseball. That's a sport I can get in to. I played as a kid. I still collect baseball cards. I'm in a sick fantasy league too. Most people give me shot for loving baseball but I just tell the to eat a dick. It's a great sport. I just hate the off season.

We have our annual fantasy draft this weekend. 8 guys spread across the USA have been doing this league for several years now. It's not your typical league either. We have keepers, a farm system, and 2 amateur drafts. I have won the league once. Came in 2nd twice.

To kick off the fantasy baseball draft weekend, we are doing a group break live on blogtv tonight. My buddy, Jim has a fresh 6 box case of Topps Tier One. I will be heading over to his house after work to kick off the festivities. The break will be $34/spot for 2 teams. There are 13 spots left. PayPal only please. It will be a blast! And a perfect way to kick off the baseball season.