Saturday, October 31, 2009

Live Bloggin': 2009 World Series Game #3

Picking up 2/3 thru the bottom of the 1st. Hamels looked good in the top of the inning, but you have to wonder how much the game delay and Andy Pettite's extremely slow pitching in the bottom of the 1st (if that continues) will wear on him.

Also, Jimmy Rollins is a stud on the basepaths. Not many people can get a jump like that on a lefty. Didn't even draw a throw!


Slowest half inning ever. Ryan Howard is a strikeout machine after his NLCS MVP run. C'mon dude! Get your head out of your ass!


Jayson Werth is my 2nd favorite Phillies player (behind J Rol).


Should have waited 2 more seconds to publish that. Werth goes yard! 1-0 Phils.


Fuck this, follow my live tweeting:

And I'm back.... summer of failure.

All my domain names and websites associated with those names are down or are going to be shut down very soon. It's just another expense that I can't afford right now. I'm not sure if anyone will ever find this site again. I will try to update it and notify people that link to this site that the link has changed.

I haven't blogged in a very long time either. So that's something i can change. I need a newfound motivation. Something to get me jump-started. I've kind of settled into this funk and can't get motivated to do anything.

How is the not working thing treating me lately? Great and Horrible. Mentally, I'm happy. Never been happier. It's great not having to answer to a weasley condescending asshole boss. It's great making my own hours, being able to come and go as I please. So what's not so great? The money. I was doing good for several months and then this past couple of months I just forgot how to win at poker. The games have gotten even tougher, but are beatable at the stakes I play. The cards just wouldn't flow my way for a very long time. So long in fact that I basically gave up the game for a few weeks. This all leap frogged into a drastic decrease in fundage. To put it mildly, I'm broke. Now there's some motivation for ya!

I've supplemented my income by having a huge virtual yardsale on ebay. Basically I went into my spare bedrooms in the house and about anything that I no longer had the need for went on ebay. I actually fell in love with the buying/selling aspect of ebay, but the profit margins are so low and the amount of BS you have to deal with just kills it for me. If I could find some products that bring in a better profit margin, it would be better I guess. I did build up a decent sports cards bankroll in just a couple weeks buying and selling baseball/football cards. Basically I'd scour ebay and some sports card forum sites looking for multiple card lots to flip. I did well at this for the most part. I got scammed once, but Paypal took care of me (FUCK YOU BIGJOHN181. EAT A COCK!) Then I had to pretty much take that entire bankroll and blow it all on stupid stuff like bills.

My poker bankroll is at an all time low as well. Like I said, I just haven't been winning. However, I'm renewing my motivation to play more poker now that the weather has turned. Hopefully things will turn around soon and I'll be reaping the rewards again.

More failures on the homefront: I vowed to do more traveling. Well, I failed there too. I did take a few days at the Shenandoah river fishing in August. I went to Spring Training in St. Pete, FL in March. I also just came back from Surf City, NC where I did some Redfish fishing with my brother and father. All these trips were a blast, but I expected to be seeing new people and places this summer. And that just didn't happen. Who knows I might be a snow-bird this winter and head south for a while. I would really like to go back to St. Petersburg. That place rocks the party.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, I've gained weight over the summer. Basically being lazy and eating poorly was the cause of this. Did I mention lack of exercise? I'm feeling it now too. I can and will fix that starting this week. I have the knowledge, it's just a matter of staying consistent and not falling victim to my lazy ways.

I don't want to ramble on. Let's just say this blog is back. I'm back to playing poker again. This will basically be all my blogs rolled into one. I'll be blogging about poker, sports, sports memorabilia, weight loss and exercise, and just life in general. Hopefully you'll stay tuned!