Thursday, December 17, 2009

FML! and Full Tilt's Life as well!

I just did a Premium Bank Wire withdrawal from Full Tilt for $400. I usually use bank transfer, but this time I decided to do Bank Wire because I needed the money quicker than normal. Full Tilt advised me that my bank might charge me a wire fee. Yep its $10. So I made the withdrawal on 12/13, it was instantly approved. The money hit my account on 12/16 with $41 in fees associated with it!!!!! Only $10 of those fees were from my bank. So where the fuck did the other $31 go?

After some research it seems that if FTP doesn't have a direct line into your bank, they use an intermediary bank. This bank can charge whatever fees they feel like. This information was no divulged at the time of cashout. Nor has it been a problem in the past (this wasn't my first FTP withdrawal using premium bank wire).

I fired off a pleasant email to FTP asking where the fuck that extra $31 went. I'm expecting one of their usual canned responses. If that happens, I'm going to get ill with them. I would have rather just waited an extra 3-4 days for my money than pay 10% in fees. WHAT A RIPOFF!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!